My Astro Equipment

Date Created: 3/13/2023

The Great Orion Nebula
Current Scopes as of 2022

Welcome back to Upside Down Astro!

Today, I’ll be going through my primary astrophotography equipment choices, how I evaluated them and more information on them on a new dedicated page.

Equipment Choice

Choosing equipment is always difficult, but there can be a few easy ways to help determine what you need, I’ve found these to improve my ability to choose.


Current Targets

Future Targets

Shooting Locations

Equipment Evaluation

Dedicated Page

I’ve created the Equipment Page with a goal to provide details of my current and historical items and why they were chosen.

I’m hoping that this will help people with equipment choices as there’s just so much out there and sometimes its hard to choose.

Next time, I’ll be creating a dedicated page and blog post providing the resources, tools and websites I used with equipment evaluation, running my rig, night planning and post processing.