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Date Created: 3/13/2023

The Great Orion Nebula
Current Scopes as of 2022

Quick bit about me

G’day, I’m Aaron, some people call me Boz.

Welcome to Upside Down Astro an amateur astrophotography and astronomy blog. I have a background in computing both hardware and software and enjoy board games, card games, electronics and of course astronomy.

Why would I make this site?

I’ve started this site to record my own endeavours in this area while hoping it helps others, I currently am using an old DSLR camera with a refractor (I’ll post more details about equipment at a later date).

I am currently planning on expanding this site over time with the following features;

  • Equipment I use for astrophotography
  • Resources for astronomy and astrophotography
  • Gallery of photo’s I’ve taken and a blog with information on processes or astronomy details
  • And more…

Thank you for taking a look, I hope as this site grows that it will help you and the wider astronomy and astrophotography community. Let me know if there are features or topics you might be interested in me covering.